Writing Prompt: The files were scattered across the desk.

Good morning one and all. I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Mine was chilly but productive. With the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday I wanted to get everything in tip top shape before I left. Laundry was done, bathrooms were deep cleansed and the piles of junk mail that accumulated on the dining table were shredded and disposed of. Actually anything that wasn’t slickly laminated ended up in out compost bin. So it was handy after all. Just not as the manufacture intended. I love coming back to a clean house after a trip away. It also stirred up a lot of dust and my sinus took a bit of a beating. But they will recover. And the scent of lemon cleanser is nice. So shall we get back to normal life and start our Monday with a writing prompt? Fabulous. Grab those timers and let’s get going.

I think this is an interesting open, I’m just not quite sure where it is going.

Monday, November 21st: The files were scattered across the desk.

The files were scattered across the desk.  It looked to Kevin as though someone saw the stack and simply pushed it over, cascading the files across the slick wooden surface in waves, first one stack then the others.  Beside him the executive administrative assistant, Charlotte drew in her breath through her nose. 

Kevin looked over at the sound.  Her lips were pressed together and her eyes were wide.  Spots of color rode high on her cheeks.  ‘She didn’t look that upset when she found the body,’ Kevin thought.  He saw Charlotte’s fingers twitch as she started to reach out, no doubt to tidy the spilled stacks.

“Don’t,” he said.  “Please.” 

She looked a him, the turn of her head a sharp movement. 

“For now,” Kevin amended.

Charlotte’s facial muscles lost some of their tension as logic ove took outrage.  “Of course Detective, evidence.  I see.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he replied.  “I take it that this desk did not look like this when you left?”

Her eyes narrowed.  “Mr. Merriweather is quite tidy in his habits,” she said stiffly.  The tension may have eased from her face but it seeped into her spine.  Kevin was certain he could use it to play pool.

“Of course,” Kevin replied.  “Can you walk me through the habits, the ones at the end of the business day?”

She nodded once.  A sharp gesture.  She turned to look back at the desk.  “After his last scheduled appointment Mr. Merriweather goes through the paperwork and files of the day.    Anything that is completed and that does not need an addendums or further investigation goes into the cabinet.”

When she saw Kevin looking around she pointed to the one she meant.  It was a short two drawer filing cabinet tucked under the side table.  The side table held a coffee pot, a water pitcher, a container of sugar packets, a second of creamer packets, a cup full of wooden stirring sticks and a stack of insulated paper cups.  The file cabinet was not a deep one and it was partially hidden by the shadow of the table.  He reminded himself to check to see if it was locked and to have Charlotte look through it to see if anything appeared to be missing. 

“I see,” Kevin said. “Please continue.”

Again he received the short sharp nod.  “The items he needed to follow up with in the morning were stacked here,” Charlotte said pointing to a now empty inbox tray.  As there were several lined up on the front of the desk, Kevin was certain where this was going but he let Charlotte continue.

“Those items that needed to passed on to another were placed here,” she pointed to the second tray. ‘And then anything that needed more time was placed here.” She pointed to the third tray.  “Finally anything that contained information he was uncertain how to deal with was placed here.”

Kevin nodded and wrote down the order of the file stacks.  “And from the folders here can you see if anything is missing?”

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